World Village Goals and Questions - Mr. Oglesbee

The World Village aims to spark student’s curiosity and passion for global learning. Along the way, students will develop the creative and inter-personal skills that are critical for success in a globalizing world. The central goal is for St. John’s students to expand their own understandings of identity and context (social, economic, living, etc. . . ) through collaboration with other St. John’s students and electronic interaction with students in another country. In order to achieve this goal, students will learn to:
  • Communicate emotion and to perceive and empathize with what others are feeling.
  • Feel a deep sense of connection with, and respect and compassion for, a global community.
  • Learn how to see from another perspective, rather than molding something to fit within their own perspective.

Essential Questions for Students:

  • Who am I as an American in the context of my town/state/country/world?
  • Who is the “other” as same, similar, different, unique?
  • What are the assumptions that I have made and may be making? (a continual process of self evaluation)

Personal/Professional Goal:

  • As a teacher, I will seek to both lead and learn with my students in the use of global electronic communication to understand myself and my context and that of my students.

Mr. Oglesbee - 5th Grade Social Studies, St. John's Episcopal School