August 9th and 10th
Flat World Project Summer Grant Meetings

Day One:
Times Topic/Activities Deliverables

Day Two:
Times Topic/Activities Deliverables
  • Welcome
  • Project Goals and Framework (UBD and PBL intro)
  • Digital Native concept/21st Century Learning
  • Sample Outline
Classroom Objective Ties and Open Ended Questions to stimulate collaboration
  • Introduction to Yack Pack and Skype
    • Sharing Yacks
  • Brainstorm Ideas for Use
  • Devising Rules for Use
  • Send emails to collaborating partner with goals statements and possible curriculum ties
  • Set up personal Skype accounts and Yack Packs if not already

  • Edit your Wiki Page on our site
  • Post your Classroom Objective Ties and Open Ended Questions to Your Page
Meeting Closing:
How do we evaluate ourselves?


  • Blogs and Blogging versus Bulletin Boards Intro
    Student Use and Abuse
  • RSS Feeds
  • Gaggle Email and Bulletin Board Setup and Use
Find and email to Alecia two blogs of related interest that you can read on a related topic.

Detail several possible uses for the Gaggle Email bulletin board/blog.
Intro to Curriculum Planning Organizer

Examining classroom curriculum for goals/content ties to suggest to partner teacher
  • Send emails to collaborating partner with possible curriculum linksGlobal Warming, Animal Rights, War, Terrorism
12:00-12:30 Lunch

Introduction to Social Networking and (Ning)
(Private Networks, like the Horizon Project Ning)
Explore and Sign up for one collaborative group
Review of Technology Tools available to you for your collaborative projects
  • Kidspiration
  • Podcasting
  • PowerPoints
  • Digital Cameras
  • Videocamera
  • Microphones and Recording Software in lab
  • Paint, drawing tools

Meeting Closing
What should I be doing in the coming weeks?
· On August 27th, you must have these things complete:
· finished Curriculum Planning Organizer
· Classroom goals
· Narrative discussing your personal experience with and merits of: blogging, wikis, ning, skype and yack pack.

Sample To Dos in Class from Kim Cofino’s Global Ed classes:
  • Continue your iMovie project
    • Use the checklist of steps to work at your own pace
  • Check the wiki for new discussion items from our collaborative partners in New Zealand
    • Reply to any active discussions and start new discussions as needed.
  • Check the YackPack for messages from our collaborative partners in New Zealand
    • Reply to any messages and leave new messages as needed.
I want to add things like:
  • Check the Skype “center” to see if anyone from NZ is online.
    • Conduct at least one video chat with someone from our partner class.
  • Check your blog for comments from your partner classes.
    • Respond and comment as appropriate.
  • Check your RSS reader to see if anyone in your partner classes have posted anything new.
    • Leave comments on anything interesting or relevant that you find.
  • Check your social network for any new forum topics, chats, or media that have been posted.
    • Reply and initiate discussions as appropriate.

Steps to how this will become a school-wide program
Step 1: Pilot the program
Step 2: Publicize success
Step 3: Formalize goals
Step 4: Mandate change and inform teachers
Step 5: Transparency