This page is for projects our Dutch friends will conduct with our Middle School social studies and English classes.

World Village Goals and Questions - Mrs. Laughlin

Classroom Goals

  1. Learn how to see from another perspective, rather than molding something to fit within their own perspective
  2. Feel a deep sense of connection with, and respect and compassion for, a global community
  3. Communicate emotion and to perceive and empathize with what others are feeling


  1. What initial idea about Holland and Dutch people was completely changed by your interaction with these students?
  2. What did you learn about your own place in the world outside Olney? What did you learn about your culture from someone else’s perspective that surprised you?
  3. On an emotional level, what do you have in common with these students?
  4. Who is the "other" as same, similar, different, unique (constantly changing)?

Professional Goals
Learn to better integrate technology into my classroom; become more savvy about how our students perceive and use technology; feel comfortable in the “stretch zone” and understand that challenge and uncertainty can spark personal growth