This page is for our Spanish classes here at St. John's to work on projects with our partner school in Barcelona, Spain

Open Ended Questions for Spanish Inter-Cultural Programs

Why do we learn another language?

Who are we as individuals, as a culture(St. Johns, American, Marylanders)?

  • Adapt to changing circumstances and new information by being resourceful and using old tools in new ways.
  • Feel comfortable in the “stretch zone” and understand that challenge and uncertainty can spark personal growth.
  • Learn how to see from another perspective, rather than molding something to fit within a their own perspective.

Personal Goal

My goal is to foster an understanding, enjoyment and cultural awareness through the study of Spanish(as well as other languages) in the Upper School. For students to WANT to learn not just languages but understand the world around them and have a great compassion for both Americans and those around us. I want to have an environment in the classroom where we don’t use “weird” or other negative words to describe differences but find positive ways through relationships with children in other cultures to express the noticeable differences and appreciate the similarities.